Outpatients have various medical options with interventional radiology

The RJIR Vascular & Oncology Center, operated by Dr. Rotimi Johnson in Elgin and Rockford, uses interventional radiology approaches to evaluate and treat a wide range of conditions in the outpatient setting. Interventional radiology is minimally invasive and offers an advanced treatment option to traditional surgery.

We offer an array of services that include vascular, vein, oncology, dialysis, pain, and embolization treatments. Our team of experts treats a high volume of patients by continually offering our patients better outcomes. Vein and artery conditions treated at the center include varicose veins, venous reflux, deep vein thrombosis, pelvic congestion syndrome, leg and foot ulcers, limb salvage and peripheral artery disease.

Our cancer treatment includes needle biopsies, chemo, cryo, microwave and radio embolization, and radio frequency ablation. Spinal treatments include epidural steroid injections and selective nerve root blocks. In addition, interventional radiology is used to treat male and female specific conditions such as benign prostatic hyperplasia, varicocele, uterine fibroids, and obstructed fallopian tubes.

Thanks to clinical and technological advances, the RJIR Vascular & Oncology Center uses an interventional radiology approach to offer our outpatients exceptional benefits!

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